The Muskoka District and Haliburton County have both become renowned for a incredible natural landscape and the thousands of lakes that dot the topography. These lakes also happen to be home to some absolutely wonderful and picturesque cabins and cottages, creating an ideal escape for many.

Join us as we take a closer look at a few of the lesser known lakes found in Haliburton County that you should know about.

Drag Lake

Surface Area: 10.2 km2
Maximum Depth: 55 m
Perimeter Shoreline: 42 km
Access: 1201 Dardanelles Road & 2111 Fred Jones Road
Major Fish Species: Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass

Drag Lake's irregular shape has created a unique shoreline with a collection of inlets and bays just waiting to be explored. The lake has gained an…

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The Muskoka district is of course best known for its three big, marquee lakes. These are the ones that everyone knows - Lake Rosseau, Lake Joseph and Lake Muskoka. Naturally, these lakes are absolutely stunning and their shores are lined with absolutely stunning waterfront properties.

But, the Muskoka area has so much more to offer. In total, there are some 1600 lakes that dot this incredible landscape. You’d be missing out on quite a lot if you merely focused on the big 3.

With that in mind, today we’ll be profiling four of Muskoka’s lesser-known lakes that are definitely worth a closer look.

Mary Lake

Surface Area: 10.61 km2
Maximum Depth:
56 m
Perimeter Shoreline:
20.5 km
Boat launch in Port Sydney
Major Fish Species:
Lake Trout,…

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RE/MAX Professionals North agents are passionate about helping children in our community.

The team was excited to be able to participate in the Rally for Kids initiative in support of the Children’s Miracle Network.

The purpose of the campaign was to gain as many new donors as possible with a $30 per transaction minimum in the RE/MAX Miracle Home project, becoming “Miracle Agents”.

Some great prizes were up for grabs, but this was just icing on the cake compared to the amount of support this program brings to many children in need of medical assistance.

August was a big month.

August’s campaign proved to be a resounding success as well!

Program participants grew by 4 times. The monthly average of new donors across Ontario & Atlantic…

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