It’s the summer, the sun is shining, and you’re looking for the perfect spot to sit and have a picnic as you look out onto some beautiful views. 

There truly are few places more worth having a gorgeous picnic in than the beloved Haliburton area. 

From an endless stretch of rich, vibrant forestry that reaches as far as the eye can see to countless sparkling, breathtaking lakes – Haliburton has it all. 

While you can find any beautiful spot easily around the Haliburton area to have a nice relaxing picnic in as the views encompassing the region make it easy, we’ve narrowed it down. 

Coming up with just a few of some of the most remarkable Haliburton areas that will make you truly feel one with nature and happily relax while enjoying a picnic, you…

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It’s the summer, the sun is shining reflecting off of the beautiful lakes, and you want to visit some great spots to eat or drink in Ontario’s beloved cottage country. 

With endless opportunity for fun and excitement in this nature lover’s paradise, you want the perfect spot to end the day on a full stomach. 

The picturesque views in the Muskoka Region simply cannot be beat. From an endless sea of sparkling lakes to dense, rich and wildly colourful forestry encompassing the entire area, you’ll want to spend those lunches and dinners taking it all in. 

Muskoka’s amazing patios offer not only the views you wish you could look out on every day while enjoying a meal, but the amazing food to go along with it. 

We’ve come up with a list of just some…

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Incorporated in 2001, the Municipality of Highlands East was made up of previous townships Bicroft, Cardiff, Glamorgan, and Monmouth. 

The beauty of the Highlands East area includes its lush landscape with dense, vibrant forestry and its vast expanse of sparkling blue lakes that stretch as far as the eye can see. 

Made up of a multitude of smaller communities, the history behind the Highlands East area is that of which is made up of a history of many areas in one. 

We’ll be diving into just a brief history of Highlands East, with some background information on the communities that have made it what it is. 


The foundation of the community nestled serenely alongside Gooderham Lake, Gooderham is bordered by Pine Lake to the north and…

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