Haliburton lakefront cottages are the ideal vacation destination or the ultimate setting for those looking for a permanent home in a new surrounding encapsulated by the serenity and beauty of cottage country. 

Haliburton is located right in the heart of Ontario, and is home to over 600 breathtaking lakes, vibrant forests brimming with adventure, and rolling hills which bloom in all colours year-round. 

Choosing where to buy your next or first lakefront cottage can be intimidating, that's why we're here to make your choice easier with some of the several reasons as to why Haliburton lakefront cottages are meant for you. 

Natural Beauty To Last A Lifetime

Haliburton's natural beauty and awe inspiring landscapes are truly unmatched. The area is…

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If you're considering buying a cottage in Ontario, Canada, Redstone Lake is a brilliant choice for those looking for a more peaceful lifestyle with the opportunity for thrilling adventures right around on the corner, oftentimes right at your doorstep.

Located in the incredible Haliburton Highlands, Redstone Lake is a breathtaking and pristine body of water which offers a spectrum f activities and experiences for cottage owners and visitors alike. 

When it comes to purchasing a cottage, whether it's for vacation purposes, investment, or even a permanent home, you want to make sure you're choosing the right lakefront experience amidst a world of variety in the cottage country reason, that's why we've put together a list of just some of the many…

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Smart home features aren’t just in movies anymore. Home sellers may consider upgrading aspects of their property’s tech before hitting the market.

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Remember the Jetsons? They were a futuristic cartoon family with their own popular 1960s TV show who introduced us to some high-tech trends like flying cars, robot maids and “push-button Space Age-envisioned conveniences.” While we’re not quite there yet, plenty of “push-button” smart home conveniences have bound onto the market in recent years, helping make homes more comfortable, safe and convenient.

Using smart home technology isn't a far-fetched goal for homeowners – and there are some good details to know about how different…

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Listing a home for sale this winter? Check out these tips for creating a comfortable, safe experience for buyers.

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If you live in a colder climate, you know that winter presents some challenging weather conditions, like snow and ice. And if you’re selling a home in the winter, prospective buyers won’t be ogling a freshly mowed lawn or vibrant flowers – they’ll likely be eager to get inside and out of the elements.

Have a home hitting the market this winter? Consider these tips to prepare your place for showings.

Clear walkways

Remember Harry and Marv slipping down the McCallisters' exterior stairs in Home Alone? Don’t let that be your…

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Whether you’re looking for a yard for a pet or bigger closets for storage, buying a home could offer more flexibility than renting – and it can be a long-term investment. Are you ready to be a homeowner?


With the housing market balancing in many places, many people are finding that now is a great time to purchase a property of their own. Renters looking to buy are usually in the pursuit of more living space, creative freedom to decorate, and ownership of an asset that can appreciate in value over time.

Renters, are you tired of spending money each month to pay someone else’s mortgage? It may be time to consider buying a home. Here are the signs to look for.

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Winter is coming, and with it, harsh weather conditions and all the more possibility of your cabin facing rough conditions which could impact the overall quality of the cabin itself or even damage it. 

Either way, you'll want to find your cabin in as great of a quality as possible for the upcoming spring season. That way, you won't have to do nearly as much upkeep as you normally would if you didn't take the necessary precautions before winter hits. 

Taking extra steps to ensure your cabin is foolproof for the harsh Canadian winters is a great idea towards taking those weekends off, or coming back to a gorgeous cabin in the spring almost exactly the way you left it. 

We've come up with a list of steps that are crucial to the maintenance of your…

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As the fall season has hit beautiful cottage country in full force, people are now looking for the coziest and warmest cafés, restaurants, and especially bakeries to enjoy the seasonal treats this chilly weather brings on. 

With Haliburton widely known as one of the most popular areas in cottage country, there are plenty of amazing bakeries to choose from that will more than likely be just a short drive from whichever area or cabin you're visiting from. 

We've come up of a list of some of the best bakeries for fall treats in Haliburton that are truly unforgettable, you'll want to go back for a sweet treat every time you visit beautiful Haliburton County.

Humble Pie Butter Tart Factory & Pizzeria

If you're looking for a cozy little rustic…

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The fall season is here and with it comes many great spooky and cozy festivities. Besides getting the sweaters out and enjoying a nice warm drink after getting in from the chilly weather, there are some great activities to take part in that line up perfectly with the season. 

This is the perfect time for many families to begin decorating their homes for the spooky Halloween holiday, and as many parents know, the kids love to be a part of this annual decorating tradition. 

One of the best ways to make decorating and getting into the spirit of the season something the entire family can enjoy is to bring out the entire family and even friends to one of the local Haliburton pumpkin patches. 

Not only is this a great and authentic way of decorating…

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It's the perfect warm weather in Ontario going into the start of the fall season, and what better way to appreciate the gorgeous Haliburton Highlands and all that the Haliburton County has to offer than with some delicious drinks?

After a day out hiking, camping, swimming, or all around exploring, you're going to want to relax by putting your feet up and falling in love with the scenic views all over again with some nice beer around friends and family. 

With breweries in the county offering handcrafted, incredible drinks with flavours and aromas especially dedicated and inspired by Haliburton County itself, it doesn't get much better than this. 

Make a day or weekend trip out of some great activities in Haliburton with all of the surrounding…

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It’s the summer, the sun is shining, and you’re looking for the perfect spot to sit and have a picnic as you look out onto some beautiful views. 

There truly are few places more worth having a gorgeous picnic in than the beloved Haliburton area. 

From an endless stretch of rich, vibrant forestry that reaches as far as the eye can see to countless sparkling, breathtaking lakes – Haliburton has it all. 

While you can find any beautiful spot easily around the Haliburton area to have a nice relaxing picnic in as the views encompassing the region make it easy, we’ve narrowed it down. 

Coming up with just a few of some of the most remarkable Haliburton areas that will make you truly feel one with nature and happily relax while enjoying a picnic, you…

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