Skeleton Lake cottages are known for their location on the coast of one of the best recreational lakes in the area. Being one of the largest in Muskoka County, residents have more than enough space for classic Ontario lake activities like sailing, swimming, fishing, windsurfing and more. If you’re looking to live on one of the finest lakes in Muskoka County, look no further than the Skeleton Lake waterfront cottages we have for sale!

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Skeleton Lake Real Estate Information

Skeleton Lake waterfront cottages are set on the many crags and bays along the shorelines, meaning many of these homes are private, concealed by rocks and dense trees. 

This makes for another reason Skeleton lake cottages are ideal for those looking for the quintessential Ontario cottage experience. 

Skeleton Lake waterfront homes are a perfect mix of classic, wooden cottages and homes with more of a modern feel. 

Classic cottages are full of nostalgia, typically one storey buildings with cozy common areas for gathering around the fireplace. 

More modern cottages are often larger, with more than enough space for families to spend both summer and winter months enjoying the beautiful scenery in the area. 

Most Skeleton Lake waterfront cottages have outdoor spaces such as decks and patios, making ideal areas for barbecues with friends and watching the sun rise and set. 

Private dock areas are common in Skeleton Lake waterfront real estate as well, for splashing into the clear waters or setting sail from directly outside your back door. 

Skeleton Lake Area Information

Situated in northern Muskoka County, Skeleton Lake is close to primary roads such as Highway 141 to the south, and Aspdin Road to the north. These major roads connect Skeleton Lake residents to nearby towns like Ullswater. 

However, despite having easy access to major towns, there are no municipal areas surrounding the lake, keeping it quiet. This makes Skeleton Lake the perfect choice for those looking to live close to main towns while still giving homeowners here a quiet and secluded feel.

Camping is another common activity in the Skeleton Lake area, as well as the many trails in the area for activities such as hiking, horseback riding, jogging and snowshoeing, familiar to the area. 

Skeleton Lake FAQs

Q: How big is Skeleton Lake?

A: Skeleton Lake is one of the largest lakes in Muskoka County, at approximately 21 km2 of surface area. 

Q: What kind of fish swim in Skeleton Lake?

A: Many kinds of fish can be found in Skeleton Lake, namely lake trout, walleye, smallmouth bass and yellow perch.

Q: Is Skeleton Lake considered a clean lake?

A: Yes, very! Generally considered one of the largest and cleanest of all the lakes in the Muskoka County area, with a 9.1 clarity rating. One of the reasons Skeleton Lake is so clean is the fact that it’s spring fed, which helps keep these waters immaculate. 

Q: What other lakes are there in the Skeleton Lake area?
There are multiple other lakes in the Skeleton Lake region for residents to explore, such as Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph to the south west.