History of the Brokerage

Founded in 1980, RE/MAX Professionals Inc., Brokerage was the very first RE/MAX to open its doors in Canada.

Frank Polzler and his partner, Walter Schneider, recognized the industry needed a paradigm shift, so they bought the rights to RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada, converting Polzler’s old real estate brokerage “The Action People” to RE/MAX Professionals Inc. under the leadership of his daughter, Pamela Alexander, who is the mother of Leah & Christopher and Senior Vice President of RE/MAX INTEGRA North American Division.

The Polzler/Alexander’s are a close-knit family and embrace each member of the organization as part of their extended family. The culture is a nurturing one that strives to provide each member with encouragement, education and support to realize their hopes & dreams for their businesses and lives.

In January of 2020, Leah Ambler and Christopher Alexander formed what is now known as RE/MAX Professionals North, Brokerage, which has become the market leader across Muskoka & Haliburton County.


At RE/MAX Professionals North, Brokerage our salespeople truly believe in the power of the brand and the power behind us as a company.

What do you think it takes to run your business as a true RE/MAX Professionals North salesperson?


We believe that those who embrace accountability thrive. It will keep you focused, disciplined and on track to reach your goals.
Our manager will meet with you personally to plan your business and set goals to help take your business to the next level. Our company success is directly tied to your success.


Our brokerage houses some of the most creative and successful sales people in the industry, who are waiting to collaborate and nurture your success.
The warm culture and community atmosphere will keep you coming to learn and share ideas; resulting in you taking your business to the next level.


Innovation & skills planning are huge priority at RE/MAX Professionals North, Brokerage. We invest a lot of time and money in state of the art facilities and equipment, as well as systems that help our salespeople streamline their business.
From mastermind groups, to socializing with the industry’s top producers at RE/MAX events, our salespeople are consistently placed in an environment to grow and learn. We encourage our salespeople to think strategically regarding every aspect of their business. The end goal for us is for you to have a successful business model that works time and time again, that allows your business to continue to flourish!


Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Time Bound goals will help keep your business on track all the time. Meet with our manager for expert advice and to discuss goal setting and execution as you need.

Business Philosophy

If you are given all the tools and strategies you’ll need to be successful, there is no reason you can’t succeed with a little hard work.
RE/MAX Professionals North, Brokerage was built on a foundation of hard work and constant innovation. Our brokerage invests in its salespeople to make sure we are providing the most modern technology, processes, marketing and business training in the industry.

The heart of our company is, and always will be, our salespeople.

With our modern real estate business model, our salespeople are able to flourish. Investing in the top systems to operate, implementing them in our offices and training our salespeople to work most efficiently, helps keep balance between their work and personal life.

Our salespeople’s happiness is our happiness, and helping them find balance between work and life is our way of giving back and ensuring they never forget why they chose the most opportune career.