Boshkung Lake, or “Big Boshkung” as locals affectionately call it, is one of the larger lakes in Ontario’s desirable Halliburton County, and is located to the west of the quaint and quiet township of Algonquin Highlands, just 180 kilometres north of the Greater Toronto Area.

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Boshkung Lake Real Estate

Boshkung Lake is a fairly large, diamond shaped lake that measures over five and a half kilometres from north to south, and over three kilometres from east to west. 

Perfect for second properties and cottage getaways, these private homes are nestled in among a thick forest of trees, providing homeowners with secluded properties that open out onto incredible lakeshore views of Boshkung Lake. 

Many of these spacious homes are made with wooden materials for a comfortable, nostalgic yet modern feel that make for perfect cozy winter evenings cuddled up by the fireplace, or as a backdrop to summer evenings outdoors by the firepit. 

Boat docks are common features of these waterfront properties, meaning homeowners can splash into Boshkung Lake right out of their back door! This multi use lake is also perfect for boating, fishing and so many other water activities.

Boshkung Lake Area and Community

Situated south of Halls Lake, west of Beech Lake and north of Little Boshkung Lake, Boshkung Lake in Southern Ontario is one of the largest of the lakes that make up the province’s Haliburton lake region, just east of the Muskoka area.

Boshkung Lake is located with Highway 35 on the northeast side of the lake and Highway 118 on the south side. 

These two thoroughfares intersect to the southeast of Boshkung Lake in the small town of Carnarvon, providing residents with a small general store, local brewery and building supply store, among other useful amenities.

Carnarvon is also home to Carnarvon Family Golf, where golfers can practice their swing at the driving range, and their putting on the intricate, well thought out mini putt course. For non-golfers, they also offer batting cages.

Highway 118 also connects locals to the nearby Haliburton/Stanhope Municipal Airport for recreational flying, a great way to take in the stunning colourful views of the Haliburton lakes region of Ontario.

There’s always something to explore in the complex network of trails and paths to hike, jog and bike through in Boshkung Lake. Hikers willing to engage in a short uphill hike are rewarded with a beautiful view of the area from Coopers Lookout to the east of the lake.

Also located in the small town of Stanhope is the Stanhope Museum, great for learning about the region’s history, as well as the Stanhope Farmers’ Market, which sets up every Friday from June to September and offers residents fresh Ontario produce as well as an array of locally crafted artisanal goods.

Other great locations and businesses residents of Boshkung Lake have nearby access to include:

  • Blairhampton Golf Club

  • Kushog Marina

  • The Chip Shop

  • Elvin Johnson Park

  • Buttermilk Falls

  • Haliburton Sculpture Forest

  • Abbey Gardens

  • Haliburton Highlands Museum

  • Haliburton County Rail Trail