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Kashagawigamog Lake

Kashagawigamog Lake is a large body of water located in Haliburton County, just south of Haliburton. Surrounded by scenic forest, the lake covers some 817 hectares, providing long shores for lakeside cottages that are so popular in this area. This glacial lake is great for swimming, boating, and fishing, and the homes around it make a great location for enjoying the outdoors and the many attractions offered by the charming local communities.

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Kashagawigamog Lake Waterfront Cottages Statistics

Average Price $880K
Lowest Price $1
Highest Price $125M
Total Listings 80,046
Avg. Price/SQFT $1.5K

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Kashagawigamog Lake Waterfront Cottages

As one of the largest lakes in Haliburton County, Kashagawigamog Lake is a popular destination and real estate market for vacation cottages and holiday homes in the area.

The lakeside cottages of Kashagawigamog Lake boast private docks and, for some, even a small sandy beach. These homes are typically smaller, being suited for rentals or vacations, but are cozy and well-kept indoors.

With Kashagawigamog Lake waterfront cottages for sale, you can expect to find open interiors with fireplaces and cozy loft spaces, built in a number of traditional styles from a simple cottage shed to a farmhouse with dormer windows and a large deck.

The wider area also offers a selection of larger suburban homes, acreages, empty lots, and even a few farms. Keep a lookout for opportunities in this exciting and beautiful area. 

Kashagawigamog Lake waterfront cottages range in property type, interior design, and especially price. With an average price of lakefront cabins going for $850,000 and the highest listings upwards of $3 million, you're in for a spectrum of lifestyles from more charming, quiet, and rustic to more luxurious with what will feel like endless space.

Kashagawigamog Lake Area & Attractions

Located in Haliburton County, Ontario, Kashagawigamog Lake is a waterway approximately 10 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide. Essentially a widening in the Drag River, Kashagawigamog is the largest of a chain of such lakes along with Canning Lake, Soyers Lake, Grass Lake, and Head Lake.

At the top of this chain of lakes, on the eastern shores of Head Lake, is the town of Haliburton, the largest in Haliburton County. At the southern end of Kashagawigamog Lake is the town of Ingoldsby, little more than an intersection and a bridge across the narrows between Kashagawigamog and Canning Lake. 

The lake’s main access points are Haliburton County Road 21, which runs by to the north, and Kashagawigamog Lake Road, which traces its southern edge. The lake itself is a popular vacation destination, popular with fishing enthusiasts and boaters, and includes a number of resorts and accommodations, such as:

  • Kashaga Lodge

  • Pinestone Resort and Conference Centre

  • Getaways at Haliburton Heights

  • Bonnie View Inn

  • Pinecrest on the Lake

The Pinestone Resort also includes a large golf course and amenity centre complete with a pool and private lake of its own. 

The area around Kashagawigamog Lake is defined by pristine forests and granite rock out-crops. Some parts of the shore feature sandy beaches, and there is one island in the lake: Puffers Island. 

It is a popular tourist destination with many cottages, permanent residences and resorts.

Lake is a very scenic lake for boat cruising and is very popular.

FAQs About Kashagawigamog Lake 

Q: What Is Kashagawigamog Lake known For?
A: Kashagawigamog Lake is known as a popular tourist destination in Ontario’s Cottage Country. Its shores are lined with vacation cottages and resorts and the lake itself is popular for boating and fishing. 

Q: How Far is Kashagawigamog Lake From Toronto? 
A: Kashagawigamog Lake is approximately 2 hours from Toronto by car. 

Q: Where is Kashagawigamog Lake?
A: Kashagawigamog Lake is located in Haliburton County Ontario. This area is considered part of Central-East Ontario and the popular Cottage Country region as well. More specifically, Kashagawigamog Lake is a short distance southwest of Haliburton and 15 minutes northeast of the county seat, Minden. 

Q: What fish are in Kashagawigamog Lake?
A: Kashagawigamog Lake contains a few species of fish, including Lake Trout, Walleye, Lake Whitefish, Yellow Perch, Largemouth Bass, Muskellunge, and Smallmouth Bass. The lake is a popular destination for fishing both in the summer and winter. 

Q: How Deep is Kashagawigamog Lake?
A: The maximum depth of Kashagawigamog Lake is 39 meters. 

Q: Is Kashagawigamog Lake good for swimming?
A: Like most lakes in the area, Kashagawigamog Lake is a popular spot for swimming. Just watch out for boats in the peak season.

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