Redstone Lake is among the largest lakes in the Kennisis Lake area of Haliburton County in the province of Ontario, sitting at six and a half kilometers long at its widest and a perimeter of 41 kilometers. Part of a three lake chain with Little Redstone Lake and Pelaw Lake, Redstone Lake is one of the jewels of the many lakes of Haliburton County. Redstone Lake waterfront properties are highly sought after for their beautifully built homes and incredible scenic views of the surrounding area.

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Redstone Lake Real Estate Information

Redstone Lake properties are desirable in the Haliburton County real estate market for the natural beauty of the lake as well as the quality homebuilding of the cottages. 

Many Redstone Lake waterfront cottages for sale have private docks and patio areas, perfect for enjoying sunrises and sunsets in peaceful seclusion.

Many of these homes are typical of Ontario lakefront property, with wooden exteriors and high, cathedral style vaulted ceilings inside, accented by large windows that allow for incredible views of the area.

Usually containing up to three or four bedrooms and bathrooms and furnished basements, Redstone Lake waterfront cottages are perfect for families or those looking to have extra room for entertaining friends and family.

Redstone Lake Area Information

Redstone Lake is full of small bays and inlets, so many of these waterfront properties benefit from having their own private area with panoramic views of the lake. 

The village of West Guilford is a pleasant 20 minute drive away from Redstone Lake, so residents and homeowners here are always close to the shopping center located in this quiet, rural town.

The town of Haliburton is also close for Redstone Lake residents, just 30 minutes away from the lake. 

Haliburton serves as one of the main cities in the region, providing not just amenities such as grocery stores, LCBO, gas stations, restaurants and more, but also multiple local boutiques and parks, providing Redstone Lake residents with a great place for a day trip.

Living in Redstone Lake also means being close to multiple other lakes in the Haliburton region,such as:

  • Macdonald Lake

  • Clean Lake

  • Eyre Lake

  • Kennisis Lake

  • Kelly Lake

The Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve is also just minutes away from Redstone Lake, a great place to enjoy canopy tours as well as hiking, biking, and canoeing. 

There’s also a wolf reserve in the Haliburton Forest, so locals and visitors can see these creatures up close in the natural habitat without disturbing them, and learn more about preservation efforts being done to keep these animals safe.

Sir Sam’s Ski/Ride is just south of Redstone Lake, a Haliburton county staple with multiple hills for skiing and snowboarding in the winter as well as certain summer activities for residents to enjoy. 

Redstone Lake is perfect for those looking to live somewhere somewhat more secluded than some other lakes, as this is not immediately connected to any main roads or thoroughfares.