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Situated just minutes away from multiple different towns, such as Sprucedale, Katrine, Emsdale and Burk's Falls, Doe Lake is a perfect lake to live on for those looking to have amenities close by, while still being able to enjoy the peaceful seclusion of lakefront life. Two islands dot the serene face of Doe Lake, Reazin Island and Polly's Roost Island. To the north, Doe Lake is interrupted by two zig zagging land masses, separating it from a smaller section, known as Little Doe Lake. To learn more about this gorgeous lake just north of the Muskoka region, read on below the listings!

Hiking trail near Doe Lake real estate in Ontario

Doe Lake Waterfront Cottages Statistics

Average Price $1.9M
Lowest Price $99.9K
Highest Price $5M
Total Listings 7
Avg. Price/SQFT $936

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Doe Lake Waterfront Cottages

Homes for sale in Doe Lake consist of beautiful cottages in stunning cottage country. The Muskoka Region offers some of the most charming cabins in the entire country, and Doe Lake is a highlight of this. 

With real estate in Doe Lake difficult to come by on the market, if you see a home you like make sure to inquire soon as homes in the area are high in demand. 

Cottages in Doe Lake truly vary in what they have to offer both in features and in price. Many homes offer the charming, rustic beauty you would naturally expect out of Muskoka lakefront real estate. 

There are even amazing single-family homes surrounding Doe Lake, perfect for those looking to live a quieter family life away from the city.

Doe Lake real estate offers all of the seclusion and privacy you could want out of a nature-filled getaway. With many homes far from the neighbours with large driveways leading up to your home with only forestry and lakes to surround you.

Gorgeous cabins in Doe Lake are built with the intention of including the beauty of the surrounding nature and seamlessly blending it with the interior of cozy lakeside living. 

This means everything from the build of the exterior to the finishes in the interior such as colours, wooden features, cabinetry, and more.

Even the large windows in Doe Lake homes for sale are built with a purpose. Bringing the natural light in and giving you more of a chance to appreciate the nature of the area. 

Discover Life In Doe Lake 

Life in Doe Lake consists of endless beauty truly meant to amaze with gorgeous views of not only the lake itself, but all of the surrounding vibrant forestry and parks that you can't help but want to explore. 

The Doe Lake community itself is very small, however, the larger community of Gravenhurst is right nearby when you're looking for more to do and maybe more places to shop. 

With several other surrounding lakes in the area such as Sunny Lake and Fawn lake, there are more than enough waterfront activities to go around. 

Taking a dip in the lake or even canoeing or kayaking is a great way to spend a relaxing day as the sun sets over the horizon and lights up the sky and reflects off the water with beautiful colours. 

There is also the Jevins and Silver Lake Conservation Reserve which many go to for the beautiful waters and many trails simply perfect for hiking and exploring. 

Consider the amazing camping spots all around Doe Lake that Muskoka has to offer as you fall in love with the sounds of wildlife as you roast some marshmallows over a nice, warm campfire.

Doe Lake and its surrounding beauty will never be short of things to do and explore with all of its hidden secrets. 

FAQs About Doe Lake

Q: How big is Doe Lake?
A: Doe Lake is about 94 acres in size, with a maximum depth of three meters. The Secchi disk depth, or clarity of the water is three meters, or 10 feet deep.

Q: How far is Doe Lake from the Greater Toronto Area?
A: Doe Lake is about three hours north of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Q: What kind of species of fish reside in Doe Lake?
A: You'll find a variety of fish in Doe Lake including Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Brown Bullhead, and more.

Q: Are short-term rentals (AirBnB) available at Doe Lake?
A: There are currently no policies against short or long-term rentals at Doe Lake, providing residents and visitors comply with all local bylaws.

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