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Black Lake

Located within beautiful Minden Hills, Black Lake is a stunning expanse of bright blue waters surrounded by vibrant forestry lighting up the shorelines of the lake with hues of bright green, as well as orange, red, and yellow in the fall season. Dotted with charming, picturesque waterfront cottages that will fully immerse you in the cottage country atmosphere, Black Lake is brimming with endless lakefront activities for the entire family and friends. 

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Average Price $899K
Lowest Price $1
Highest Price $99M
Total Listings 99,405
Avg. Price/SQFT $20K

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Black Lake Waterfront Cottages

The cottages at Black Lake, located by the water, are a beautiful sight to see. It's a little-known treasure in Central Ontario, perfect for vacationing or living permanently. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much you'll love calling Black Lake home, even if it's just for a brief stay.

If you're in the market for idyllic waterfront cottages for sale in Black Lake, you'll find the best of what's available in our listings. Dense forest, wildlife, and a pristine lake is what you can look forward to when you visit Black Lake. Here, you'll find the perfect opportunity to take on your own personal retreat in a stunning cottage - the perfect tranquil escape from life's hustle and bustle.

Our listings often include a variety of cottage-style cabins to spacious vacation homes. Each listing is the perfect balance of modern cozy rooms that maintain the charming rustic atmosphere that you expect from a cottage. No matter the season that you visit, the stunning views of Black Lake's forest and picturesque lakeside will make you feel fully immersed in nature. 

Diverse types of fish can be found in Black Lake, such as:

  • Northern Pike

  • Smallmouth Bass

  • Largemouth Bass

  • Yellow Perch

Other lakes in the area include: 

  • Clear Lake

  • Moore Lake

  • Gull Lake

  • Sheldon Lake

  • Devil's Lake

Black Lake Real Estate

Black Lake offers a broad spectrum of real estate opportunities, especially for those seeking refuge in nature. From rustic cabins to opulent lakefront cottages, the variety is plentiful. The most sought-after properties are the waterfront cottages.

Ranging from cozy two-bedroom homes to large, luxurious cottages, these properties offer direct lake access and stunning views. In addition to waterfront properties, the area features forested residential lots for those who prefer a more secluded setting.

Some listings also include large acreage properties, ideal for those seeking vast outdoor space or potential development opportunities. In recent years, the appeal of "off-grid" properties has grown, with options in the Black Lake area reflecting this trend. 

Things to do Near Black Lake

The surroundings of Black Lake, including the nearby town of Haliburton, are full of beauty, peace, and an array of recreational activities. Haliburton, a charming town steeped in arts and culture, offers several galleries, theatres, and craft shops. It's also home to Haliburton School of Art and Design.

Haliburton is also home to a variety of locally-owned shops and stores to help fulfill any shopping needs you have.

For nature enthusiasts, the area is a paradise, offering numerous trails for hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing, while water lovers can enjoy boating, fishing, and swimming in the region's lakes. Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve provides an opportunity to explore the wilderness, with its wolf center being a must-see attraction. 

The area also has golf courses, and winter sports facilities. With a strong sense of community and a variety of seasonal events, this part of Ontario is a place that truly feels like home, no matter the season.

FAQs About Black Lake

Q: How big is Black Lake?
A: Black Lake is roughly a 2km wide, and 1km long lake in Haliburton country in Central Ontario.

Q: How do I access Black Lake?
A: Two privately maintained roads heading East of Highway 35 between Norland and Minden. There's about 100 cottages built around the lake.

Q: What species of fish can be found in Black Lake?
A: You'll often find Northern Pike, Yellow Pickerel, Panfish, and Smallmouth Bass. However, Yellow Pickerel fishing is often done in winter. 


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