Wood Lake homes for sale are located on one of the largest lakes on the southeastern side of Muskoka County, directly on Highway 118. This beautiful, somewhat secluded lake is perfect for those looking to take advantage of the beautiful scenery of Ontario, without having to worry about light or noise pollution. These homes are also popular among those who enjoy staying active, with plenty of things to do year round, such as water sports like swimming, fishing and water skiing in the summer and snowshoeing, cross country skiing and snowboarding during the winter. 

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Wood Lale Real Estate information

Wood Lake waterfront cottages are highly sought after and they sell quite quickly, so be sure to act fast when you see them become available. 

Alternatively, you can always contact our team to see if we have any available that aren’t listed yet. 

These beautiful Wood Lake properties are popular for their diversity and, as mentioned, quiet seclusion. 

Wood Lake waterfront cottages are a great mix of classic, older wooden cottages as well as a good amount of new builds, with modern architecture and contemporary outfittings and technology.

Regardless of old or new, Wood Lake cottages are often spacious, with plenty of room for outdoor activities. Backyards and patio spaces are perfect for backyard barbecues with friends and family, during the winter or summer months. 

Wood Lake Area Information

Wood Lake real estate is also popular for its location, close to plenty of things to do for residents and homeowners in this beautiful Ontario lake. 

Things To Do Near Wood Lake

Wood Lake is full of many things to do on the lake and in the area, with the area being popular for plenty of year round sports. 

The surface of Wood Lake is quite often dotted with boats as the residents and locals fish and sail in the summer months. 

Wood Lake is also just up the road from the small country community of Vankoughnet, a picturesque area set on a gentle river. 

During winter, Wood Lake freezes over, making it a great spot for skating, snowmobiling, ice fishing and more. 

Bigwind Provincial Park Near Wood Lake

Wood Lake is also close to Bigwind Provincial Park, one of the most beautiful areas in the province, set over seven and a half miles of protected land.
Bigwind Provincial Park is also home to Bigwind Lake, a long thin lake that’s worth the visit just for the beauty of the area. 

FAQs About Wood Lake

Q: Where is Wood Lake in Ontario?

A: Wood Lake is located just north of Highway 118 on the southeastern side of Muskoka County. 

Q: How deep is Wood Lake, Ontario?

A: Wood Lake is fairly deep, at 50 feet at the deepest point and an average depth of between 15 and 18 feet. 

Q: What type of fish live in Wood Lake, Ontario?
A: Wood Lake is home to many different types of fish, such as:

  • Rainbow Trout

  • Sockeye Salmon

  • Cutthroat Trout

  • Burbot

  • Lake Trout