As the fall season has hit beautiful cottage country in full force, people are now looking for the coziest and warmest cafés, restaurants, and especially bakeries to enjoy the seasonal treats this chilly weather brings on. 

With Haliburton widely known as one of the most popular areas in cottage country, there are plenty of amazing bakeries to choose from that will more than likely be just a short drive from whichever area or cabin you're visiting from. 

We've come up of a list of some of the best bakeries for fall treats in Haliburton that are truly unforgettable, you'll want to go back for a sweet treat every time you visit beautiful Haliburton County.

Humble Pie Butter Tart Factory & Pizzeria

If you're looking for a cozy little rustic…

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So autumn has finally just begun to hit in full force. This means it's time to pull out the big sweaters, the hot chocolate with a dash of cinnamon, and bake a nice pumpkin pie as you watch the leaves changing colour from your window. 

This may all seem like enough to get into the autumn season spirit, but what about the inside of your cabin home? As many love to go on a weekend or even weeks long retreat to cozy up in their cabins for the fall, is yours decorated the way it should to truly take in the fall festivities?

We've come up with just a few ways you can decorate your beautiful cabin home this fall, without needing to break the bank. If the kids are coming with, why not make it a fun day trip out to pick up the things you need to get into…

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The fall season is here and with it comes many great spooky and cozy festivities. Besides getting the sweaters out and enjoying a nice warm drink after getting in from the chilly weather, there are some great activities to take part in that line up perfectly with the season. 

This is the perfect time for many families to begin decorating their homes for the spooky Halloween holiday, and as many parents know, the kids love to be a part of this annual decorating tradition. 

One of the best ways to make decorating and getting into the spirit of the season something the entire family can enjoy is to bring out the entire family and even friends to one of the local Haliburton pumpkin patches. 

Not only is this a great and authentic way of decorating…

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Many people argue that the best time to rent out a cabin is in the winter. The perfect time to curl up with a nice book and a mug of something warm to drink, right near a big window in your cabin where you can appreciate the snow falling from inside.

Others argue summer is the best time, or even spring, when it's warm enough to take advantage of all of the waterfront activities you could possibly want such as boating, paddleboarding, and even taking a dip in the waters. 

The underrated season for cabin renting would more than likely be the fall, when the leaves begin to change colours and there is a beautiful sea of orange, yellow, and reds that open up to stunning bright blue lakes. 

We've come up with a list of four amazing spots…

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With the many beautiful communities around the Muskoka area, it can be difficult choosing the right one for you. The breathtaking Muskoka Region spoils you for choice with its surrounding lakes, gorgeous forestry, and charming communities within the natural beauty.

In southeast Ontario, the town of Gravenhurst stands out amongst others for its breathtaking lakefront properties and its deep roots in the area's history and culture. 

Known as the Gateway to Muskoka, Gravenhurst can be found right between Lake Muskoka and the smaller yet peaceful Gull Lake which is close to the town of Bracebridge. 

If you're interested in this charming town brimming with life and recreational activities as well as surrounded by the stunning beauty of cottage…

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