With New Year's right around the corner, many are on vacation to tropical resorts, beachfront paradises, anywhere that's warm, sunny, and their own personal escape from the Canadian winter. 

However, there are those who want to fully immerse and embrace themselves in the winter wonderland beauty that is cottage country. With gorgeous cottage homes resting on blankets of white snow, surrounded by snow-white forestry and brimming with opportunity for endless winter activities, Muskoka Lakes is home to several beautiful areas to spend your New Year's weekend with friends and family. 

From incredible dining to spectacular winter resorts, cozy accommodations, and amazing opportunities for entertainment, we've put together just a few of the many places…

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With the hundreds of beautiful lakes in Haliburton County, it's no wonder the area is called the cottage country of the province, and all of Canada. With so many options to choose from for a trip filled with spectacular views, or a permanent or vacation cottage home resting right on the waters, there's even more to choose from once you finally choose a lake to explore. 

Kennisis Lake is the second largest lake in all of Haliburton County, with homes generally for the homebuyers looking for a more secluded lakefront experience or lifestyle, as the nearest roads or towns can be quite a distance away. 

Despite this, many locals have their favourite restaurants around the area, perfect for when you want a break from all of the hiking and outdoor…

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Haliburton County is best known for its stunning lakes, charming towns the locals and visitors alike can't get enough of, and incredible hiking and exploring opportunities which boast the likes of truly remarkable views difficult to come by anywhere else.

All of these aspects and more make the Haliburton area right in the heart of cottage country, the ideal place to buy or rent their dream cabin, offering a wide spectrum of beautiful cottage homes that sit right on the edge of some of the best lakes in the province. 

With this many options, it can be difficult to choose the right cabin for you in the right location, as many factors may hold a heavy weight on your decision including nearby amenities, the size of the lake, the type of cabin real…

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Whether you’re looking for a yard for a pet or bigger closets for storage, buying a home could offer more flexibility than renting – and it can be a long-term investment. Are you ready to be a homeowner?

With the housing market balancing in many places, many people are finding that now is a great time to purchase a property of their own. Renters looking to buy are usually in the pursuit of more living space, creative freedom to decorate, and ownership of an asset that can be appreciated in value over time.

Renters, are you tired of spending money each month to pay someone else’s mortgage? It may be time to consider buying a home. Here are the signs to look for.

You need more square footage

Upsizing is a common reason…

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