If you’re looking for ways to enjoy your Muskoka & Haliburton County cottage year-round, look no further!

Afterall, Ontario’s premier cottage country is pretty incredible, so why not extend your stay?

While the task of making your cozy cabin into an all-season retreat may be daunting, the following tips & tricks can help make it easier. 

1. Add All-Season Insulation 

Canadian winters can be cold, like really cold.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you have proper insulation in your Haliburton County cottage!

While you can heat up your cottage, keeping it warm is another thing altogether – and the right insulation will help with that.

Whether you need to install new insulation or update your existing insulation, it will cut down heating costs and help keep you warm.

You should also consider adding a vapour barrier to prevent condensation inside the walls, which will stop mold and rot from developing. 

2. Establish An Appropriate Heat Source

It’s important to consult a professional to establish the best heat source for your space.

While you may think installing a fireplace has got you covered, there’s definitely a convenience to a heating system that can be turned on and off.

Just imagine, you pull up to your cozy Muskoka cabin and are greeted with warmth! Gone are the days of huddling around the fire to warm up. 

3. Consider Your Utility Systems 

While your current electrical and plumbing systems are fine for warmer months, they may need updating in order to function properly in the cold.

You can have your property inspected by a professional to help determine what work needs to be done to enjoy all-season living. 

4. Put A Stop To Frozen Pipes 

Prior to cold weather hitting, you often need to drain your pipes to prevent them from freezing or busting.

But, if you’re planning on spending some time in Haliburton County during winter, you need running water!

You’ll want to prepare your pipes for the drop in temperature and proper insulation is key (you can’t get water with frozen pipes). While this may require reinstallation, access to water is well worth it!

5. Have You Thought About Carpets?

While there’s no denying that hardwood floors can give your cottage the perfect rustic look, walking on them come wintertime is a one-way-ticket to cold feet.

Sure, slippers are a quick fix, but putting down carpet can actually help retain heat.

A carpet can compliment existing insulation and can even offer some soundproofing.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to completely cover those floors, an area rug is the perfect solution!

6. Upgrade Your Windows & Doors

You can’t expect to stay warm with a draft coming in and warm air escaping outdoors.

That’s why it’s important to make sure your cottage's windows and doors are properly sealed. Not only will it help keep you warm, but it can even cut down on costs and help with energy savings.

While existing windows and doors may be perfect for summer, they aren’t always fit for colder weather underlining the importance of a year-round alternative (such as double-paned windows, for example). 

7. Don’t Forget Storage

While boats and kayaks are perfect for summer, they aren’t very useful when the lake freezes over.

It’s important to make sure they’re properly stored and protected when cold weather hits so you can enjoy them when it's warm again.

Whether you want to store your toys on property or at the marina, you should make sure you find a spot to keep them safe until you’re ready to use them again. 

To help you find the perfect all-season cottage, connect with the professionals at RE/MAX North and get started on that Muskoka search today!

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