It’s the summer, the sun is shining, and you’re looking for the perfect spot to sit and have a picnic as you look out onto some beautiful views. 

There truly are few places more worth having a gorgeous picnic in than the beloved Haliburton area. 

From an endless stretch of rich, vibrant forestry that reaches as far as the eye can see to countless sparkling, breathtaking lakes – Haliburton has it all. 

While you can find any beautiful spot easily around the Haliburton area to have a nice relaxing picnic in as the views encompassing the region make it easy, we’ve narrowed it down. 

Coming up with just a few of some of the most remarkable Haliburton areas that will make you truly feel one with nature and happily relax while enjoying a picnic, you can take your pick. 

Skyline Park

Just a short drive outside the village of Haliburton is Skyline Park. A gorgeous lookout park with an overview of the Haliburton region, you can’t choose a better spot to sit and enjoy a nice meal. 

In the summer, you’ll enjoy a remarkable view of lush greenery in a landscape that can hardly be beaten over the town and surrounding scenery. 

While in the fall, you’ll be staring in awe as you take in all the orange, red, yellow, and greens of the trees from where you’re sitting. 

There is some incredible wildlife to appreciate, such as beautiful deer making their way through the forested areas of Haliburton. 

With a perfect view of the town and the valley and a few picnic tables already settled in the area, you can’t go wrong with a picnic in Skyline Park. 

Head Lake Park 

Head Lake Park is another amazing spot with serene views for a picnic, located in the village of Haliburton along the shores of Head Lake. 

With an amazing backdrop for a family picnic with endless trees and the sparkling lake right at your feet, this is one of the best scenic Haliburton areas for a picnic. 

Beyond its beautiful scenery perfect for looking out on while enjoying some great food, there are also the many amenities the park itself offers that make this spot perfect for a day out with the family. 

There is a playground for the kids, many paved pathways and trails perfect for a nice walk, a beach volleyball court, tennis courts, ball hockey rink, canoe/kayak rentals, and much more. 

So not only is Head Lake Park a great spot for a picnic, it’s also perfect for a full daytime out in the sun. 

Haliburton Sculpture Forest 

The Haliburton Sculpture Forest, which is nestled beautifully in Glebe Park near the village of Haliburton, is a one of a kind outdoor exhibit of sculptures created by Canadian and international artists. 

This gives the opportunity not just for a picnic, but a walk around with the family to take in all the stunning sculptures, as well as finding a nice place to sit after you’re done with the beautiful surroundings. 

Not to mention the scenic trails that encompass the area that are simply perfect for hiking or biking, as well as appreciating all the unique sculptures throughout. 

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